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Anton and Patrizia Uhle
CH-6966 Villa Luganese

Phone 091 943 18 54



The Uhle Family


Anton Uhle – earned a BA in biology at UC, San Diego and an MS in nutrition at UC, Davis, and has Swiss federal certification as animal caretaker.  Anton moved to Ticino when he won the audition as string bassist in the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana (at the time, a radio & television orchestra).  In 1988, he began operating Canile alle Rive (see FAQ).  Anton continues to play in the OSI and other musical formations, and he coordinates the “pets and music” project at Canile alle Rive.

Patrizia Uhle-Ruhoff – grew up in the Lugano area, where she worked for many years as business secretary.  Patrizia did an animal caretaker apprenticeship at the L’oissellerie du Centre in Geneva, and now she is in charge of the animals at Canile alle Rive.

Norman Uhle – joined the family in 1997.  Besides the compulsory school, Norman visits Lidia Golovkova’s circus school and is also learning to play the piano.