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Anton and Patrizia Uhle
CH-6966 Villa Luganese

Phone 091 943 18 54



Pet Boarding Facilities

 - Pension for Dogs
 - Pension for Cats
Small Pet Boarding Facilities


Canile alle Rive is a family-run boarding kennel for pet animals.  Since 1988 the Uhle family has been taking care of dogs, cats and small pets (rabbits, birds, goldfish…) while their owners are on business trips or holiday.  Anton, Patrizia and Norman Uhle live on the premises, and welcome customers by appointment all year round.  Canile alle Rive is located in the Villa Luganese neighborhood of Lugano, at the foot of the Denti della Vecchia mountains.

Our prices refer to cash advance payment.  A supplement is calculated for bank transfers or postal remittance.  We charge both the day a pet is consigned and the day it is retrieved.  Depending on our schedule, we can provide fixed price transportation for pets in the Lugano area.  “Pet blogs” and “internet updates” can be put online for a supplementary cost.  In case of an emergency during a pet’s stay, we utilize the services of the owner’s veterinarian of choice (zone Lugano).


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                            via Pretorio 7a 6901 Lugano
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                            Anton e Patrizia Uhle

  Pension for Dogs          


Vaccinations and parasite treatment are obligatory.  Owners must bring updated passport with multiple vaccine (distemper, etc.), and dogs must carry a microchip (see FAQ 1).  Dogs must have a valid treatment against fleas and ticks.

At Canile alle Rive, each dog enjoys a separate indoor kennel (heated during the winter) with connecting outside run.  Two or more dogs from the same owner may remain together in a single kennel.  We walk the dogs individually outside the enclosures, always on a leash (see FAQ 2). Walking the dogs individually is an important method of building a relationship of trust and respect, and helps to integrate the dogs into our family.  Our kennel’s capacity is approx. 12 dogs during the winter, and 20 during the summer.

Food – We feed dry food, specially produced for boarding kennels.  If a dog requires a special diet, this is charged separately.

Prices:  25.- sFr./day (10% discount after 10days, and 20% after 30days).  For owners with 2 dogs that can stay together, the second dog costs 15.- sFr/day.










  Pensione for Cats          


All cats accepted in our facilities must be vaccinated (bring a valid certificate) and have been treated for parasites (fleas & ticks).

Cats are housed in individual enclosures, each offering several platforms (for sand box, sleeping, playing or feeding).  We offer the possibility to double the space available for each cat.  For owners with 2 cats, the two cages can be joined as a single open space.

Food – We feed dry food specially formulated for kennels.  If a cat requires a special diet, this will be billed separately. It is often stated to bring food from home for the cat to avoid inconvenience to changes in supply.

Prices:  12.-sFr/day for each individual cat (no discount), or 19.-sFr/day per cat if the space is doubled (discount 10% after 10days or 20% after 30days).






  Small Pet Boarding Facilities          

(rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, aquarium fish, parrots…)

Small pets are housed in individual indoor cages.

Price examples:
         Rabbit/guinea pig = 6.-sFr/day
         Canary = 5.-sFr/day
         Water turtle = 10.-sFr aquarium preparation + 2.- sFr/day